• Paonia Christian Fellowship (map)
  • 228 Box Elder Ave
  • Paonia, CO, 81428
  • United States

Every year, Paonia Christian Fellowship hosts the annual Harvest Fest in the church parking lot.  For many, it's the event that steals the show and gathers the attention of the whole town!  Hundreds of people, kids, parents, grandparents and visiting relatives come through.  For some, it's their introduction to our church family.  For others, it may be the first positive interaction they've ever really had with Christians. 

The hard work and dedication of Matt and Betsy Lindberg and others can be seen in every hand-crafted game and activity.  We are very grateful for all those who serve and help in this exciting time.  As believers, multiple church bodies are represented, and most importantly, Christ is represented.  It's our desire and hope that this year is no exception.  We pray that we will be able to love, serve, and engage the people of the North Fork Valley, bringing them the joy and hope found in Christ Jesus.  

So grab the candy, pour yourself a cup of hot cider, grab a bowl of chili, and sign up to help serve!

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